Give the gift that keeps on giving. By purchasing Rimbey Bucks you are not just supporting our local economy but you are giving the gift that keeps giving. To purchase or to inquire, contact us.


What Is Rimbey Bucks?

Rimbey Bucks are a chamber initiative to promote our local businesses. They are a cash like card available in three denominations, and are only redeemable at Rimbey businesses.

Where Can I Use Them?

Though we are still educating some of our local businesses on this iniative you can use these cards at any Rimbey business. If you experience any business is not aware of this initiative please refer them to us or this page for more information.

Is There Limitations On What I Can Purchase With Them?

Though there aren't any restrictions on where to use them in Rimbey some businesses may have their own limitations. Please inquire with individual businesses.

Do I have to use the whole amount in one purchase? Will I be given the difference in cash?

It is recommended to use the entire amount of the card as these are designed to promote shopping locally. They are not like a cred it card where balances can be put back on the cards. Small denominations are available at the Chamber office (located at Parkland Automotive).

Do They Expire?

The best thing about Rimbey Bucks is that they don't expire.

Can I Use Them All Year Round

Of course! Rimbey Bucks is not limited to a seasonal promotion. They can be used all year round and during all seasons.

Where Can I Purchase Them?

Rimbey Bucks are available in $15, $25, and $50 denominations. They are available at the chamber office (located in the Parkland Automotive building).


Do I have to be a Chamber Member to Accept Them As Payment From My Client?

Though being a Rimbey & District Chamber of Commerce member has many benefits we do not require you to be a member to accept them as payment from your customers/clients.

Where Do I Redeem Them?

Businesses that accept them as payment can take the cards to Servus Credit Union or ATB to be reimbursed.

Do You Have Other Questions?

Please submit your questions to