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Ammonite World Storefront


We talked Jennifer Robak the owner of Ammonite World Storefront and asked her to answer some questions about her business in Rimbey and how the Chamber has helped out.


Q: How has Rimbey and District Chamber of Commerce helped your business?

A: It has helped me meet and get to know other business professionals in our community, and when you're just starting out it's great to have their knowledge, advice, and support.


Q: What makes your business unique?

A: I think my business is unique because we sell the Alberta gemstone worldwide! Ammolite(the gemstone) really helps bring people to the community.


Q: How long have you been in business in Rimbey?

A: I have been in business almost 10 years! Time has flown, it's great to love what you do!


Q: What's your favourite thing to do in Rimbey?

A: My favourite thing to do is walk around the community and see the people and places this town has to offer. It really helps me discover new and old things we have in town.


Q: Are you having any sales coming up that you would like to include in the blog?

A: Every month, on the second last Saturday of the month we do a go live sale on Facebook. Helps us connect with our customer base.


A: Is there anything special that you would like to mention about your business or Rimbey?

Q: Rimbey is a great town! The people are friendly and accepting. It has just about everything a person or family can want and for the things it doesn't have, you're close enough to other communities to find what you're looking for. We are very happy to have our business here!


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