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Rimbey Chamber Has A New Website


Rimbey Chamber of Commerce is very excited to announce that they have a new website. This is in an effort to maximize what it means to be a Chamber member. The website will offer many new features that the previous website didn't have. The following read is going to breakdown some of the worthwhile changes to give you a better idea of what is possible with the new website.


New Business Directory

The directory is an online driving tool allowing easy access and presentation for your business. All Chamber Members businesses will be listed here, think of it as an online yellow pages.

Interactive Map

Let’s have some fun with our new interactive map! See if you can find your business and the hidden easter-eggs throughout the year.


Well if you're reading this you know already that will be blogging about our Chamber Events, Activities and Member Businesses. Get your business showcased on our blog!


This section will keep you and the community up to date on the latest happenings. Events related to your business will be easily posted and can be viewed by not only members but by the general public. This will help make every event a success.


The Calendar section will be used to create an easy place to get information on upcoming events. From a small event to a large one this will be the place to check for information regarding all business occasions. There will be a link to a form that will allow all members to easily get their events put on the calendar after they are approved.

Community Highlights

There are many reasons to come to Rimbey and that's what we want everyone to know. Here we want to make the public aware of all Rimbey has to offer to not only entice them for a day trip but maybe even a future in our fine town.

The Members App

This may be the biggest change of all. The app will allow all members to communicate in a social sharing area. You can follow your favourite business and stay in touch with them with minimal effort. You will be able to Share, comment, like, follow and so much more.

In Closing

Our New Website is just one of the great benefits of being a Chamber of Commerce member. With group insurance plans, discounts at select retailers and event invitations as well as all the peer to peer help you receive, there has never been a better time to become a member of the Rimbey and District Chamber of Commerce!


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