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Rimbey Bucks 2023!

Rimbey Bucks is chamber initiative that was introduced in 2010. This "Shop Locally" program has proven to be successful in other communities and we are sure it will be successful in Rimbey. All that is required is your participation. Available in $15, $20, $25, and $50 denominations the program is an excellent way to keep consumer dollars right here in Rimbey. These durable, credit card sized notes are available at the chamber of commerce office all year long.

Rimbey Bucks are perfect way for business to promote "Local" shopping. They act just like cash. All you have to do is accept them for any product or service you provide then return them to the ATB, Servus Credit Union of BMO here in Rimbey, and receive your cash. They are perfect for Gift Vouchers, employee bonuses, silent auction items, and anything else you can think of. This simple and easy program is the best way to keep money in our community, which benefits all of Rimbey businesses. The more money spent in town the more likely consumers are to stay here for more of their shopping needs. This program is meant for ALL businesses in Rimbey, and area. We all know the power of gift cards where the 65% of consumers spend up to 38 % more than the value of the gift card. (Gift Card Statistics 2016). The best part of Rimbey Bucks is that there is absolutely no cost to you. All that you have to do is hang the poster in a highly visible location and promote the program.

We appreciate in advance, your participation in this program and look forward to not only your success but that of our great community. For any questions regarding the Rimbey Bucks Program or please call the office at 587-679-RDCC (7322)

Rimbey and District Chamber of Commerce


(403) 704-3688

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