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Legacy Ford Rimbey


We talked Rory Swenson the General Sales Manager of Legacy Ford Rimbey and asked him to answer some questions about his business in Rimbey and how the Chamber has helped out.

Q1."How has Rimbey and District Chamber of Commerce helped your business?"

A1."As a gold member we get promoted on the Chamber Facebook page monthly which is really nice. Also the new website will have business spotlights monthly to give us an extra boost on there as well"

Q2. "What makes your business unique?"

A2."Our uniqueness is that we are one of two car dealerships in Rimbey being the only Ford store in town. It's unique to have a small Ford store like this in a small town like Rimbey."

Q3. "How long have you been in business in Rimbey?"

A3. "The dealership itself has been in business for over 40 years. During that time it has changed owners a couple times. The Legacy auto group took over in 2014."

Q4. "What's your favorite thing to do in Rimbey?"

A4. "Well we definitely like to socialize in Rimbey. We have met a lot of friends being involved with the chamber. it keeps us very active in the community."

Q5. "Are you having any sales coming up that you would like to include in the blog?"

A5. "We will be having a private invite sale for the locals in Rimbey April 21 22nd 23rd".

6. Is there anything special that you would like to mention about your business or Rimbey? We like to treat people like friends and family, that's our motto here. We love to help our locals and have many people say that they felt like family when they left here"


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