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The Rimbey & District Chamber of Commerce is a group of people who know that strength is in Community

When you join our Chamber you are joining a group of business-minded individuals that value our community. You are joining a team that can help you have the resources you need to be successful. We listen, we share and work together. Together with our members, our goal is to make a difference in our small community. We are making Rimbey a great place to shop, stay and play. Check out our Members in our business directory and keep exploring our site to learn more!
Our Chamber builds relationships with our members generating a network of resources from which others can draw.
Members and their teams have access to resources such as ideas, products, services, and financial support all to enhance business growth and build a community with the aim to achieving economic success.
Chamber does this by continued support, holding meetings, promotions, planned events, and seminars.
Chamber provides links between potential customers, investors, and interest groups, which builds a stronger business and economic community.
Chamber is working for you, essentially being the voice of local business.

Business Directory
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